Web Design

With evolution of web-media and transformation from print to web, lead all sized companies to design their website. A no-where existence i.e., a virtual shop webmaster seeks orders from international market, while the conventional business owners fail to win those leads – just because either they don’t have webs; OR their designs don’t say what they are. Many case studies prove that market is captured by virtual webmasters who don’t have shops in market but do online merchandizing very effectively.

Listen …. If you are a Business Owner and don’t have a website – you NEED to think today as you are losing the deal – Someone is winning orders from virtual market place and YOU don’t even know. Globus Media Technologies helps you setup your website and get those business leads routed to you in smart and compelling way.

The Ten Elements that make a website compelling are :

  • Overall Look and Feel
  • The Precision of the Message which is to be delivered
  • The Speed by which a Website download on the visitor's PC
  • The use of Graphics and the Layout of the Webpage
  • The readability of the Text on a webpage
  • The Skimmability of the Page
  • The use of fonts and their colors
  • The ease of Navigation
  • Privacy Statements, Copyright Informations and Testimonials
  • Last but not the Least, the selection of Words